Hidden Gem: Omar Gooding

So in this post, there will be an unpopular opinion. Here goes….Omar is the better actor. Sorry, not sorry. Now, I will admit, this may be because Omar has been in my life since I was little. From Wild and Crazy Kids on Nickelodeon when I was around seven to One on One on UPN when I was a teenager, he, along with many others, have been a constant in my life.

I’ve seen his brother, Cuba, in a bevy of things but the one genre that Cuba does not do very well in, or me, is comedy. Omar excels in comedy. Omar has been the comedic relief in several shows like Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Smart Guy, One on One and his new sitcom Family Time.

Omar is one of those people only black people know. He was the actor that was in all those B to C list movies that came on BET, went straight to DVD or, in this day and age, goes straight to Netflix. I can honestly say that I have been scared of him and laughed uncontrollably at in more than one role. You know how A-list actors have siblings and the sibling isn’t as great as the older one? This is not the case with Omar, for me.

So tell me, do you remember Omar in one of his many roles? I first remember seeing him on Wild and Crazy Kids. What about y’all? When was the first time you noticed him and when did you discover that his older brother was Cuba Gooding Jr.?

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