Hidden Gem: Jason Weaver

Everyone has a celebrity crush and if you watched as much Disney Channel as I did, then some of your crushes are the same as mine. Lee Thompson Young (God rest his soul) and Jason Weaver were it for me as a kid. A suave, chocolate man with a sense of humor. And not only that, the man COULD SING! If you don’t know by now, Weaver was the singing voice for Simba in the Disney classic The Lion King.

The man was handpicked by Michael Jackson to play him in The Jacksons: An American Dream. He sang Jackson 5 songs, yall! Later, he starred in shows like Thea and Smart Guy, been in countless movies like ATL and Drumline and again, he sings!!

In a later post, I will discuss actors who can also sing, Weaver being one. Below is an episode of Smart Guy where he, TJ and Mo started a band. Of course, his character Marcus was the lead singer. This was a ploy to get girls.

“Stay With Me” is a cut (I sound like my grandma) off his album of the same name released in ’96. The album was actually executive produced by his mother.

Last, but not least, imagine this song without Weaver’s voice. Imagine it with the sound of Omarion or Marques Houston. Think about that for a second. Doesn’t sound right, does it? Exactly. Enjoy this classic!

I will leave you with his interview with Tracy Clayton, host of Strong Black Lead which is a Netflix podcast that honors black actors and actresses that we’ve all watched for decades. This is one of the only episodes that I watched because….look at him! This face is still flawless!

I’ll end by saying today is my fave’s birthday so if you feel compelled, go tell this man Happy Birthday! I don’t know if he’s single ladies but he’s still acting, still singing and still FINE!

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