Alexa & Katie is the Best!

If you look, Netflix has some great finds. I found Alexa & Katie on accident. It popped up in one of those categories that you see when you scroll. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but I love high school dramas. (We’ll talk about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina later.) Alexa & Katie revolves around best friends Alexa Mendoza (Paris Berelc) and Katie Cooper (Isabel May). Sounds boring already, I know but the twist here is that Alexa has leukemia. One girl is taking on high school as a former cancer patient and the other is there as her support system.

It’s a show that I wonder why I’ve never seen before. There seem to be about a lot of shows about bullying, coming out and, now, suicide. All great things to see on TV because this is, and has always been, effecting young people from generation to generation but I think this is a new age of television that doesn’t deal with these three themes. I’m glad to see it.

I’m going to tell you about my favorite episode. The Christmas episode in the newly released second season is my favorite because we get to see the moment when Alexa hears that she has cancer. It’s very awkward for her to be having these flashbacks during the happiest time of the year, yet at the same time, we get into a glimpse of what it means to be a 16 year old with cancer during the prime of one’s life. These flashbacks knock her out of her Christmas spirit, but of course, the family rallies around her to lift her spirit.

Not only do I love the fact that we, as an audience, get to see a teen going through cancer, but we also get to see how the people around her deal with her having cancer. Of course, her mom (played by Tiffani Amber Thiessen) is the overprotective parent who constantly worrying about her child and her safety. Her dad (Eddie Shin), the pilot, calms his wife. He plays it cool even though he is also very worried about his daughter. Her brother, Lucas (Emery Kelly), is not that bright…at all but he loves his sister and at times, you can see the love that he has for his sister. Last but not least, her best friend Katie is her rock. She is the sunshine in her life. Alexa & Katie reminds me of a female Kenan & Kel… sort of. It’s a stretch, I know but work with me. Alexa wants adventure and fun in her life despite her cancer but Katie, like Alexa’s mother, wants her to have safe fun. Sound sort of more like everyone’s favorite show? Maybe not but that’s what I got from it.

Now, with Alexa having cancer, she goes through a lot of different issues. An example of such would be the episode where Alexa finally gets a clean bill of health but there’s a flu outbreak at school. Normal stuff for those of us without cancer but for someone like Alexa, this is something that could compromise her health. That episode ends well.


Should you watch this show?

If you’re like me and love high school dramas or comedies, then this is your show. It’s a slice of life we have yet to see on television before. 

Where can I find this show?

The final season just dropped on Netflix this week. Go watch!

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