Hidden Gem: Bokeem Woodbine

I almost just titled this article “Bokeem Woodbine is a National Treasure” and he is! Bokeem Woodbine is that actor that you see and instantly know you’ve seen him somewhere in something but continue to snap your fingers until you remember what it is. Once you can’t you just Google him and instantly go “Oh yeah!”

I was introduced to Woodbine in Jason’s Lyric as the crazy brother that just got out of jail and would not get right. He was so good in that movie I thought as a kid that that was how this man was in real life. If anyone has a brother remotely like Joshua, God bless you!

That same year, 1994, he was also in, one of my favorite films, Crooklyn. He’s been in countless films. Spider-Man, Life, Dead Presidents, Ray, Riddick, Overlord and Queen & Slim are literally only half the list! Half! And that’s just the movies I listed. I ain’t even mention TV. Like many people during that time, he made friends with Tupac which instantly makes you official. Official to who and where, I don’t know just roll with me here.

When I saw him in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Queen & Slim, it instantly made me smile. The man is a method actor to the letter and any role he’s in you believe. He’s brilliant and I don’t believe we talk about his brilliance enough so here’s a start. Here’s to Bokeem Woodbine and the countless roles he’s demonlished!

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