Emergency Hear Me Out: STOP WITH THE REBOOTS

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I felt compelled to write this emergency “Hear Me Out” because I came across and article where someone had the audacity to want to remake the classic that is New Jack City. A few days ago, and in my recent search, I saw they are one step closer to rebooting Scarface. My question is…

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Why do we need a reboot of these movies and shows?! And I know what some of you may be thinking and yes, I have enjoyed some reboots, but if you’ve ever read my Aladdin review, you will understand that I do not enjoy reboots. Originals carry a lot more weight than a reboot. A reboot is lazy. A reboot comes with certain expectations that most of these reboots or remakes don’t live up to and some just don’t make sense. For example, who would still want to got to Jurassic Park after hearing what happened in the 90’s? You were able to create a whole theme park for these dinosaurs AGAIN and people were like, “Sure, I’ll come.” I don’t believe it. Also, how did she run through the jungle in a completely white outfit with minimal dirt on her? How sway?!

I digress. Please leave my childhood alone. We do not need another Michael Myers movie, another Jurassic Park with a “twist” or another New Jack City! Chill out! If you want to do a remake or reboot something, at least take a Jordan Peele approach and make it a completely different story like he’s doing with Candyman. You can tell from that trailer that that movie will not be a replica of the original but a full original story with origins in the original movie and story. Do that, Hollywood. Be smart but don’t take a movie that’s already been done and do it again because “the new generation needs their version”. They do not BECAUSE WE ALREADY HAVE ONE! THE ORIGINAL! GO WATCH THAT ONE! Go watch the original New Jack City. Go watch the original Scarface (make sure you are well rested because it is long. I will finish it one of these days, I swear.)

So if you want to make people happy and appreciate the films and TV shows you make, make them original. Those are what become the new classics. Get Out was not a reboot. Instant classic. Girls Trip was not a remake. Instant classic. We did not need the black version of Steel Magnolias, Lifetime. The original is a classic, relatable and FINE FOR ANY GENERATION.

*deep breath* Stop feeding these new babies regurgitated material. Give them their own, fresh content. Please and thank you.


A TIRED movie lover and 90’s baby.

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