Where Have You Been?

Harry Potter Molly Weasley GIF - HarryPotter MollyWeasley ...

“Where have you been? Beds empty, car gone, NO NOTE!”

If you think about it, Molly was really mad that these kids had the audacity to leave that house and not leave a note. I have been in my own world and it wasn’t until I was sitting at work on day with my coworkers and I was asked what happened to my blog. I didn’t know you all had actually been reading my random thoughts about the movies and shows I watch. Since I know everyone is in the house for probably a little while longer, I’ll catch up on all the stuff I’ve been watching and start to give the opinion that no one asked for.

Good luck and I promise that I will keep up with my blogging. And to all those who’ve asked where the posts have been, YOU BETTER BE READING MY POSTS! Feel free to comment and share. I like healthy rebuttals and conversations! Plus, we all bored. Let’s fight! LOL

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