See You Tomorrow

I want to start by saying two things. I am tired of movies where an unarmed black teen is shot, just like I’m tired of seeing it on TV. I also LOVE Spike Lee. Absolutely LOVE HIM!

See You Tomorrow is a Netflix film about two geeky black teens named CJ and Sebastian who have invented a successful time machine, proving a popular Einstein theory. CJ’s brother is all she has and one day, all she has disappears. CJ’s big brother is shot by a police officer who believes he drew a weapon that was only a cellphone. There is a moment when CJ’s mother says, “If I could go back and fix it, I would”. This gives CJ the idea to test her and her best friend’s time machine to prevent the shooting, but obviously, they run into problems trying to get to her brother to warn him of the inevitable.

While I am intrigued by the twist presented in this film, I have a couple questions. Good questions. There is a part in the trailer where we hear CJ say, “We only have two jumps left.” How many jumps did they start with? How will the time travel effect CJ and Sebastian? I am on the fence if I want it to end with them saving him or not. On one hand, I would love for it to end with them saving her brother and him being able to see her graduate and grow up. However, on the other hand, reality is that when people leave this Earth, for whatever reason, they are gone forever and I think if it ends this way, then CJ has to live with the reality of her brother being gone.

I love the black geek aspect of this film. I don’t thin black geeks, like myself, get their shine, We always see the cool, street dudes and gals or the kids struggling in school trying to graduate. I am more interested in what the time travel will do to these friends. In Russian Doll (which I will go back and write about later), we saw that Nadia and Alan started to have side effects of their condition and I think these kids will have similar issues. I know these side effects, if there are some, will not stop CJ from trying to save her brother but what if it becomes her who changes places with her brother. Can these kids change fate? Can they dodge destiny or can they create a miracle? Also, if it were to work, would they keep the invention for themselves or would they destroy it?

See You Tomorrow premieres on Netflix on May 17th and I will be watching and you will get a prompt review, more than likely, they next day.

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