Netflix “Special” is One of A Kind

What a surprise when I opened Netflix and this new gem of a show! If you don’t know (and I should probably write a review on it), I LOVE the show Atypical. Atypical is a Netflix series about a teenager who has autism. The series takes us through the trials and tribulations of a mom, dad and sister who’s life seems to revolve around the main character, Sam. This series right here? This series right here, blows my mind! Let me tell you why.

Special is the story of a gay man with cerebral palsy. Have we ever seen a show like this before? Did we ever think of a concept like this before? I think not. For right now, I have only seen the preview but this is in my Netflix list of things to watch. I also did a quick Google search and found that this series is based on a book titled I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves by Ryan O’Connell (why plays the main character in this series). As an added bonus, Jim Parsons executive produces this series. Who doesn’t love Jim? It appears, from the trailer, that Ryan Hayes, much like Sam in Atypical, lives with his mom but unlike Sam’s mom, she is a little burned out from taking care of her son. I personally think she’s scared to let him be on his own and is masking it as being a tired little fairy and the feeling of loving someone else besides her son also makes her scared. A long and complicated guess…I watch a lot of TV and movies as you all can see.

Ryan also has a friend, Kim, who, much like himself, is trying to come into her own and accept herself. She is a plus-sized Indian bombshell (I added that last part. As a black woman, we appreciate curves and thickness) who is trying to be comfortable in a society surrounded by perky, blonde, stick-thin white women.

I keep comparing this series to Atypical because it’s the next iteration of series that are giving us what we didn’t even know we were missing. Shows like This is Us, The Good Place, Pose, Atypical and now Special are showing us a scope of life that has never been explored on television before. Stories that educate, stories that have depth and stories that are complex and full of heart. Again, I haven’t seen the show yet but I already know I’ll be telling all my coworkers about it.

Special is on Netflix right now! A review for this show should be live in a week or so. Check back to see more of my thoughts on the show.

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