Not a Bad Throwback, BET

So, lately, BET has been producing some original movies. Nobody’s Fool was one of them. I saw the commercial for BET’s newest holiday movie, Throwback Holiday, two weeks ago and I’m not sure if I was intrigued by the storyline or the cast. You see Robert Ri’chard, who plays the nerd in high school but the hot guy in the present Aaron Tucker, has been a part of my childhood since I was a little girl. He’s supposed to be a nerd for the majority of the movie and I applaud everyone on this film who attempted to make this fine man look unattractive. Yall tried.

Throwback Holiday starts off in an almost typical fashion. Jaclyn Anderson Grant is a housewife and former head cheerleader who is miserable with her life. Her kids are spoiled, her husband, former star basketball player Daniel Grant, no longer has that love that she’s looking for and her mom passed when she was in high school. She’s alone and wishing her life was different. In walks a not so familiar face from high school. Ever have that moment she you’re in Walmart (because it’s always a Walmart) and you see someone from high school that you either knew, didn’t care to know or are trying to avoid? Yup, this is kind of Jackie and her best friend’s Roslyn (Rosie) day. Jackie, Aaron and Rosie catch up and both Jackie and Aaron wish they could do high school all over again. Oh, how we wish. In the next instance, she’s back in high school. I would die. Just die. (Favorite line from my favorite episode of A Different World. Actually, my second favorite line.)

Surprisingly, I only have two faults with this film. The random montages of clips covered with holiday music. I hate that in films. Doesn’t tell me anything. I also hated the weird cuts that seemed like we were going to a commercial but we didn’t. Gotta do better, BET. My favorite character was Rosie, actually. She had the largest change in character, for me. Much like Dumplin’, Jackie being able to go back to high school means she gets to change much more than her character and future relationship. It means she can bring back the one person who means the most to her. Her mom. It’s not something we think about until the middle of the film.

It pains me to say this but I don’t think I like Jennifer Freeman’s acting. I love her but she seems a little one note to me.

BET has stepped its game up and I see it and applaud it. Throwback Holiday came be seen on BETHer and on the BET stream.

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