The Innocents OMG!

If you like Stranger Things or Ozark (a show I have never watched but I have been told it’s good), then you will like this show. The British know how to make a compelling drama. So what is this show? I’m glad you asked.

I have literally been trying to write this for weeks, trying to figure out the best way to explain said show because it’s literally the best mystery show I’ve seen in a while. Here’s the jist.

June McDaniel (Sorcha Groundsell) is a teenage girl in a typical situation. She has an overprotective father, John (Sam Hazeldine) but is in love with this boy, Harry Polk (Percelle Ascott). The two decide that in order to be together they need to run away…and they do. Mind you, Harry’s mom is a police officer and he helps his mom, Christine (Nadine Marshall), take care of his invalid father (more on him later). In another remote place live Bendik (Guy Peearce), Elena (Laura Birn) and Runa (Ingunn Beate Oyen). I won’t ruin this series for you but I will tell you that it will take A WHILE to figure out why we need to know these women. Meanwhile, there’s this Steinar guy (Johannes Haukur Johannesson) who is rolling around town with a sidekick looking for someone. A couple of episodes in, we find out that June has a secret that even she didn’t know, she’s a shifter. A shifter is someone who has to ability to shift into the image of someone else, leaving that person incapacitated. You must realize that there are rules to shifting, which is revealed midway through the season. Although all these people seem to be spread out, their worlds will collide and what an explosion it will be.

I REALLY REALLY don’t want to give anything away in the series because everything you think you have figured out or whatever you think you know is never what it seems. This is the main reason as to why I think this is the best series Netflix has produced. There are layers to every character, every season and ever action. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will be what you think it is.

There are ten episodes in the series, and yes, this is one of those series YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO. Do not watch this when you are sleepy. Trust me, you will regret it and be upset with yourself later. Although I won’t reveal much more about the action or storyline in the series, what I will say is that the theme of the series is love. Harry runs away with June because he loves her. He continues to stay with her when he finds out she’s a shifter, even though his is just as scared as she is, because he loves her. Harry’s mom does every thing she can to not only find out what happened to her husband but to also find her son because of the love she has for them as a wife and mother. June’s dad and brother go after her, even though her brother has a condition that makes it difficult for him to leave the house, because they want to make sure June is safe. Why? Because they love her. Bendik and Runa love each other and the girls that live with them, but what that Bendik. I will say that what you think about him may be right…

Even when you finish the series, watch it again. You were bound to miss something. So…

Where can I find this show?

Netflix. If it’s not on the Netflix homepage, search it.

Should you watch this series?

If you love series like Stranger Things, How to Get Away with Murder or even Law and Order: SVU, watch this show! I promise it will be worth your time. 

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