There Will Be a Fourth

And he does say “Blah-bla-blah”. I went to see this twice, once by myself and once with my goddaughter. Hotel Transylvania 3 runs a whole one hour and thirty seven minutes but it felt longer in the theater. I fell into this series because I kept seeing the trailer for this third one. Let’s start with what this franchise is about…

Hotel Transylvania is a story about if Count Dracula had a family. Drac (Adam Sandler) has settled down in Transylvania with his wife and child when suddenly she’s killed by angry humans. He is left alone in his hotel to raise his daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez). In the first movie, Mavis marries a human who happens to stumble into the hotel named Jonathan (Adam Samberg). They later have a son, who they later figure out is half human, half vampire. They name him Dennis.

In this installment, the family, Drac, Frank (Kevin James), Frank’s wife Eunice (Fran Drescher), Griffin (David Spade), Murray (Keegan-Michael Key), Wayne (Steve Buschemi), Wayne’s wife Wanda (Molly Shannon), Dennis, Jonathan, Mavis and Grandpa Vlad (Mel Brooks), all board a cruise ship for everyone’s first adventure away from the hotel. Now, I don’t know who is supposed to be watching the hotel or if they just shut the hotel down but it is never explained in the film.

The cruise is hosted by Captain Erika (Kathryn Hahn) who seems to really be in to Drac…but is it for the right reasons.

Ok, here are some reasons why I liked the film. It was funny. One thing I know about this cast of people is that they know how to make a film funny. The first two I watched on demand and there were laughs for kids and adults (good laughs too). My favorite adult laugh from this installment is when Wayne and Wanda found the Kid’s Club on the boat. Wayne and Wanda are werewolves and they have literally a hundred or more kids hanging on them at any given moment. The exchange between Wayne and the dude at the desk was the best. Wayne asked the dude if he could leave his kids at the Kid’s Club. The man tells him yes we will take your kids and Wayne simply asks why. The man tells him so he can enjoy his vacation and that was all he needed. They dropped ALL the kids off. Below are the kids in first movie. The one in the pink is Winnie. She behaves.

Image result for hotel transylvania 3 wolf pups

Another favorite part was the 24k Magic dance with Drac and Blobby dance through the boat. Ericka is also trying to kill him during this scene. Instead, Blobby caught all of what she was trying to do to kill Drac.

My absolute favorite part of this movie was the second to last final scene. Johnny figures out that being a DJ is a super power and we find out that he always carries his DJ equipment around with him. Smart kid. The dance battle was EPIC! Bravo y’all!

I say there will be a fourth because of the last scene. SPOILER: Drac asked Erika to marry him. She says yes. So get ready because in about two more years we’ll have a new Hotel Transylvania.

One critique I did have was that although it was only an hour and thirty seven minutes, it felt longer. There were some scenes that could have been shortened or could have been cut out all together. One last thing, no one noticed Bob was their dog THE WHOLE BOAT RIDE? He was just wearing a hat and a trench coat,

Where can I see this film?

It is on demand right now! Need a movie night with the kids? This is it but only if they’ve seen the first two. They don’t have the have seen the first two but I’m on of those people that are weird about series and franchises. I don’t jump into a series if I haven’t seen the prior episodes. 

Should you watch it?

It was good family fun and that second to last scene will make you smile. I really want to tell y’all what it is but I won’t. You just have to watch!

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