Let’s Talk: Ammit vs. Khonsu

I love when Marvel introduces me to new heroes and villains, and Moon Knight is exactly that. Some guy I don’t know but am now obsessed with. (No one can ever take the place of Tony, though.) If you’ve been following the series, in episode two, Steven asks Harrow about what it means to be deemed bad or dangerous, in a sense. Those couple of lines, and this series in general, got me to thinking and so here we are and here we go. The question is: When is the time to judge someone? Do you judge their past or their future?

So Ammit, who we have only been told about through Harrow, says that Khonsu’s, who Steven and Marc are the avatar for, judgement comes too late. I mean Harrow says this but I assume Ammit believes the same. Either way, Ammit believes that judging someone’s future is the best way to go. In Egyptian mythology, Ammit actually sits at the feet of Thoth and Anubis gives her the heart of those who don’t pass the feather test. So, in reality, she isn’t the judge, but in this show, she has that power. Semantics, really. But is it fair to judge someone for something bad they haven’t done yet but have the potential to do? I mean if we apply this to someone like a Hilter then absolutely we should get ‘em out of here before they destroy the world. However, we don’t really know what is considered bad in this series. Like what level of level of monstrosity are we dealing with here? In episode one, we see Harrow judge a random old lady in this town. What could this lady possibility do that would make Ammit deem her someone we should kill to preserve the order of the world, I guess?

On the other hand, we have Khonsu. In a sense, Khonsu waits until he sees the evil before he hands down his judgement. Honestly, Khonsu is more my speed. I would rather wait to see if someone does something evil before we kill them. However, I do see Ammit’s point of killing the evil before it manifests into a dangerous situation. Going back to my Hitler example, if Ammit took him out before the Holocaust, then we’d never had war and would have saved the life of million of innocent Jewish lives. But let’s zoom in past Hitler. What about some of his followers? What if they would have seen or met someone who changed their mind and they started helping people escape? What if they then worked to stop Hitler? The problem I have with Ammit is that people and things change so how do you know what path someone is on? How do you know if it will change?

Like I said, I’m more with Khonsu. Are his methods a little unorthodox? Probably, but I like the fact that he waits to see what people will do before judging them. What do you think? Are you Team Ammit or Team Khonsu?

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