Classics: Halloweentown

We overlooked Disney’s ability to get legendary actors and actresses in their TV shows and movies. Debbie Reynolds? You got Debbie Reynolds to be in a children’s movie that wasn’t released in theaters but as a TV movie?

Halloweentown is the story of a fictional town where everyday is Halloween but something is strange. Kind of like in Zootopia, people start to change for the worse. They become mean and animalistic and no one knows why but what we do know is that the Cromwell witches are the only ones who can stop it.

What I love about this movie is the fact that every scene we saw had a purpose. There was no wasted scene here. From the lead up about mom hating Halloween and not allowing the kids to trick-or-treat to the kids running around collecting different “ingredients” for their potion, everything was connected and everything was worth paying attention to. The kids were great and each had their own personalities. Dylan was the most annoying person I had seen on Disney Channel, at the time, but his skepticism is something we needed from at least one of the children. Kalabar being the villain was a great twist because in watching the film you don’t actively think that anything is suspect with him. He’s just the town Mayor. It’s not until their mom, Gwen, shows up that you start to feel like something is off.

What I love even more about this movie is the motive for the villain. Halloweentown was created so monsters, fairies, witches and the like could live freely. Kalabar wanted to reverse that decision and rule the new Halloweentown, a town that would be superior to the human world. Now, he didn’t just believe that people like him shouldn’t have to be hidden in a world away from humans. He was mad that Gwen left him and Halloweentown to be with a human and reproduce! It gets people every time.

Halloweentown can be found on Disney+. Go because I sent you but stay for the nostalgia!

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