“Avengers: Endgame” was the Greatest End to A Series EVER!!

My weekend was jam packed! From seeing this epic saga end on Thursday with my road dog, my momma, to going to my home beach, Virginia Beach, to get my entire life at “Something in the Water”, this weekend has been the best weekend of my entire life…AND I MEAN THAT! I have a lot of thoughts but I will try and keep my thoughts organized in some manner being that this movie was three hours and two minutes. This will probably be the longest post I will ever have here so get ready.

The film starts with Clint enjoying the sunshine with his family, mentoring his daughter in the ways of his archery skills. Much like any parent, he turns around and his whole family is gone. This is the start of his new life in this film. We move to space where we see Nebula and Tony struggling to survive. Later, we see the infamous trailer scene of Tony recording a message to Pepper on his helmut, but really through Friday his AI. I loved the scene with Nebula and Tony playing finger football and him basically letting her win. She’s never really won anything in her life so it was good to see Tony give her that victory even if it was just finger football. As Tony is almost on the verge of dying (which should have been major foreshadowing if we were paying attention the first time we watched the movie but we were just taking it in), we see a bright light, which we later see is Carol Danvers returning their ship to Earth. This is like one of maybe three times we see Captain Marvel. I’ll get to her uselessness in a minute. Just hold on. I also enjoy the fact that even though Tony is clearly almost to the white light, he still finds time and energy to fight with Cap…after ALL THIS TIME. Damn, I don’t even hold grudges like that.

So this first act is seeing where everyone is and getting the band back together. Ant Man is saved by a rat after five years in the Quantum Realm, which sidenote. We all cackle at Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo when they do press junkets because they are famous for saying stuff the ain’t got no business saying but there was one clip where Holland mentions the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch has really hard Quantum Realm lines and Dr. Strange never once had hard Quantum lines in either Infinity War or Endgame. I always thought that tidbit was strange because usually when Holland spills the beans on something, someone catches him. Cumberbatch went with it which should have tipped us fans off of something fishy going on in the Marvel house. I digress. Where was I? Ok, so Tony has a daughter named Morgan (remember in Infinity War where he was talking about naming his kid after Pepper’s uncle whose name was Morgan?), Cap and Natasha are together at Avengers HQ, Nat is still looking for Clint and everyone else is kind of keeping tabs on their specific realm of the universe. I’m going to go off on another tangent here but it’s still relevant. If anyone recalls, there was this whole controversy surrounding Okoye, played by Danai Guirra, being on the poster but Guirra’s name not being listed on the poster with the others. I hope I wasn’t the only one who wondered why she was on the poster in the first place. We saw Okoye a full total of three times in the entire film and once or twice in Infinity War. Needless to say, I wasn’t mad about her name not being on the poster. I was mad she was on the poster in the first place because, like Captain Marvel, she served no real purpose.

If we back up a tad, we go to see 2019 Thanos who is resting after he destroys the stones with the stones. Thor, still mad about the fact that he could have stopped the snap if he had gone for the head, slices Thanos’ head off, says “I went for the head” and walks away. Later, we see Fat Thor, Corg, Meek and Valkyrie residing in New Asgard. Now, let’s talk about Fat Thor. I honestly thought that at some point in this film Fat Thor would get his life together and be Sexy Thor again, complete with abs and the short hair, but the Russos said no. Y’all get Fat Thor and you’ll like it. We also had to consult Professor Hulk about time travel since Tony had a family and had to get ready for dinner. I like the hilarity of Professor Hulk. Banner is funny at times but is mostly a serious character. Professor Hulk looks good on Banner. I think what they wanted to do here was to kind of shake up the team. Our aces in the hole last movie were Thor and, in some respects, Scarlett Witch. In this movie, since Thor is fat he’s somewhat incapacitated but we get the best of Hulk and Banner in one consciousness, finally, so it gave us a better advantage starting out.

Let’s talk about Black Widow and Haweye’s relationship. First off, someone has to show us what happened in Budapest! Hopefully, in this Black Widow origin movie we get to see what happened there because they mention it often. I think we often overlook the relationship between these two for two reasons. One, they don’t really have a clear origin. We’ve seen everyone’s origin story but those two, and two, the front running relationship in this saga is Cap and Iron Man. So post snap, Natasha is determined to find Hawkeye by any means possible. There is the conversation where Rhodey tells her it would be best to leave him where he is and that he’s basically a lost cause. He eyes start to get glassy and she asks him to give her his next mission. When we see Ronin, he’s in the process of killing some Asian mob bosses. He says something to the effect of innocent people died while bad people like the mob bosses get to live. His family were those innocent people.

So the band gets back together and Tony figures out how to time travel, or rather finds that it’s possible to do it safely. Everyone has their mission and they go back in time. This begins act two of the movie.

Thor goes to Rocket back to the times of The Dark World to retrieve the reality stone which is Aether and is in Jane. Yes, I know none of you watched this film like I didn’t but I’m glad that made that easy for us to understand in this film because they KNOW we didn’t watch this movie. I think Thor literally gives us the entire plot line of the movie in their planning meeting about the stones. Thanks, Russos. Thor’s mom is a witch and could tell he was not her present son but her future son. They get the stone, Mjolnir, which took a minute, and Thor gets his balls back. Successful trip.

Rhodey, Nebula, Natasha and Clint go to get the power and soul stone. Natasha and Clint drop Rhodey and Neb off and this is where are problems begin. That beautiful scene from Guardians of the Galaxy where Star Lord is dancing and singing on his way to snatch the orb which contains the power stone. One of my favorite parts of the movie is this scene because we get to hear how he sounds without the music behind it. Rhodey goes, “So he’s an idiot” and I think Nebula says exactly or something to that effect. I loved it. There were so many surprises in this film and the Nebula loophole threw me. We, or at least I, sometimes forget that Nebula is a machine made by her dad, Thanos, but no one, and I mean no one, could have guessed that future Nebula and past Nebula would share a consciousness which would allow Thanos to see the entire plan and all the events leading up to his beheading. Sidenote, how long was he there watching Nebula’s memories like a movie? I would like to know. So Thanos sees the plan with Squidward and figures why do the work when they are doing it for me. Speaking of Squidward, was I the only one who angrily sighed when I saw him behind the computer? Hopefully, I wasn’t. Past Neb switches with future Neb and messes up the whole plan…well, almost.

Tony, Banner, Scott and Steve go back to the Battle of New York to retrieve the space, mind and time stones. So the Ancient One is not one to be played with. She was not giving up that time stone even in the event that it could save the world. Her tidbit about alternate timelines being created because the stones had been displaced has given Youtubers and fans hope for Loki being alive. I don’t think he’s alive because Cap puts all the stones back which should stop those alternate timelines, but again, I digress. They have a bit of a problem in New York, mainly because Hulk has to take the stairs. Never tell Hulk he has to take the stairs again. Know your exits, Tony! Loki disappears with the Tesseract because it landed right at his feet. Meanwhile, Hulk is still trying to convince the Ancient One that he needs the time stone. Finally, he says the magic sentence. Dr. Strange willingly gave up the time stone to save the world. She is flabbergasted and gives up the stone to Hulk. So two stones down.

Now here’s what grinds my gears. I know Nebula had to tell them that Gamora was killed by Thanos for the stone. Maybe she didn’t know he had to kill her in order to retrieve the stone but she knew her sister did not come back. So I’m not sure why Clint and Natasha were surprised when Red Skull told them that a sacrifice had to be made. Honestly, while they were fighting, I thought that somehow no one would have to die. No one in my theater seemed too broken up about Nat sacrificing herself for the greater good and shame on us for not crying like we did for Tony. She was a staple in this team.

Back in New York, Ant Man reminds Cap and Tony that only have one Pym particle each to get them back to their time. Cap and Iron Man, whose worlds cross, remember a time where they can get Pym particles AND the Tesseract. This is where it gets sentimental. Tony gets to see his dad and Cap gets to see Peggy, two of the most important people in their lives. I think what Tony got from his dad was that he was tough on him because he wanted the best for him mixed with a little bit of he had no idea how to be a parent. He also mentions that he doesn’t want his son to become him, selfish and not giving unto the world, but the best part of this whole scene, which is also one of my favorite scenes of the movie, is when Tony’s father gets back to his car and he says to his driver, “Jarvis, have I met that man before?”. Jarvis replies, “You meet a lot of people sir”. This is where Jarvis comes from! I assume Tony spent a lot of time with or around Jarvis and that’s why he made him his first AI. I thought it was a great callback.

Skipping along to Hulk putting on the Iron Man made Infinity Gauntlet. They did a slight fake out because for a second I didn’t think it worked until Clint’s wife called…and then hell breaks loose. Thanos, Sqiudward and them use the Quantum tunnel to bring the ship and all they people’s back thanks to past Nebula. *deep sigh* My other favorite part comes when Thanos tells Nebula to get the Gauntlet for him and she goes, “What will you do?” like she really expects him to do work. He replies, “Wait”. Fast forward, Thor, Iron Man and Cap take on Thanos and Tony’s vision starts to come into view. And then we hear Sam call for Cap and your heart flutters and then he says, “On your left” (a callback to when they met in Winter Soldier). Then you wonder, “Where the hell was everyone at the start of this damn battle?” Anywho, my king, T’Challa, Shuri and Okoye emerge from the time portals that the wizards made for each stretch of the universe. This went over my head in the moment and then came to me later.

Biggest applause from the crowd was Cap wielding Mjolnir. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see that maybe Cap is worthy to hold the hammer but he only budges it. Super Carlin Brothers (love them) seem to think that maybe during that scene Cap could lift Mjolnir but didn’t want to cramp Thor’s style and dampen his self esteem but I think that his worthiness showed in the battle with Thanos and that’s what the hammer needed to feel. The hammer is a person, y’all.

So everyone is fighting. We get to see Spiderman use his instant kill feature which worked for awhile but he started to get overwhelmed at some point. I love Tom Holland. Dare I say, bets Spiderman ever? I also like when Cap gets Stormbreaker and Thor is like, “No, no. Take the small one.” And here is where I rant about Captain Marvel.

If you read my Captain Marvel review, then you know I didn’t think Captain Marvel was going to be much help…and I was right. So like I said, we all fighting (I say “we” because we’ve been watching these films for ten years. We are the other character in these films.) and Friday tells Tony that Thanos’ crew is firing at an incoming disturbance, which is off camera for us. Low and behold, it’s Carol coming in to take down one ship and play hot potato with the Gauntlet. Another sidenote, where did they plan on going when the hot potatoed the Gauntlet? We’re in battle. We can only take this thing but so far. I also saw what you did there Russos. Everyone in the hot potato game are apart of the next generation of Avengers. I caught it. But back to my rant. So in Infinity War, they had a baby girl power moment with Natasha, Okoye and later Scarlett Witch. The Russos recreated that moment in this movie. Here’s the problem with the assembly of these women. They were assembling to help a woman who is deemed the most powerful being in the universe. SHE NEEDS NO HELP and if she does, why the hell did we need her anyway? She always had a slick comment about how she was needed on other planets more so than Earth. Well, girl, what you come back for? How did you find the time in your “busy” schedule? Where are you going anyway, Carol?! Rant over. She was no help and fight me if you think otherwise.

Back to the Mad Titan. He gets the Gauntlet back and is about to put it on and snap again when Tony gets back in the mix. The moment between he and Strange is chilling. Strange literally holds up one finger and it’s then that Tony realizes what he has to do and what his father wants for him, for him to grow to be selfless Tony Stark. It has taken ten years for Tony to get to this stage in his life and I don’t think it could have come at a better time, Loser Thanos mimics his future self and says he’s inevitable again and in true Tony Stark fashion, he ends with, “I am Iron Man” and snaps Thanos’ army and himself away. Tears fell from everyone’s eyes when Spiderman comes over repeating “Mr. Stark” and Pepper saying “We’re ok. You can rest now.” Stark’s work was done. Iron Man has always and will always be my favorite Avenger and I don’t see why we didn’t see his death coming. There was so much foreshadowing with Tony that we just didn’t see in the first viewing. I am just glad we ended the way we started but with a twist.

What comes next? The passing of torches, obviously. Cap goes back in time to put all the stones back but stays with Peggy in the end, coming back as an old man who’s “lived that life that Tony keeps telling him to get”. Something I didn’t catch was a small scene in one of the Captain America movies where Peggy talks about her husband and how he saved millions of lives. I don’t know which review video I was watching, might have been Super Carlin, but what if the husband she was talking about what Cap?! Mind blown! I don’t mind the torch being passed to Sam. Bucky obviously has his own identity that is complicated in itself so no new Captain America mantle for him. I’ve seen some people say they don’t like the torch, or shield, being passed to Falcon but I find it interesting. While I’m on the topic of interesting, Thor 4 with Valkyrie should be BOMB! I’ll talk about this is a separate post but I’m going to see that if it happens. Is Thor a Guardian now? And who really is the captain of that ship? Will they have a knife fight to settle the score in the next Guardians? I love the possibilities.

I applaud everyone involved with making ALL of these wonderful films, besides Thor: The Dark World, over the past ten years. Who knew when I was a kid at the Boys & Girls Club going to see the first Iron Man that that would be the start of such a well-done and well put together saga. I literally have nothing bad to say about the film except that we didn’t need Carol like they madd us believe. The funeral was beautiful. The continuous shot of all the characters from Pepper all the way to Nick Fury was flawless. Shoutout to that cameraman! I cannot wait to see it again and see it a whole new way! I saw Black Panther three times and each time I discovered something different every time! I can’t wait to see what I find.

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